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Monday, July 25, 2011

Tree Top Paradise

kent and britta lindvall- Tree Hotel Sweden

Who hasn't wanted a tree house and one time or another. I never had one growing up, but there was one on  my grandparents farm that was deliciously high in the sky. It has since falling down, only reminding me that they are dangerous, but fun. Tree houses for adults started making a huge splash about 10 years ago and have only improved with time. Take a look at these lovely's and see if it inspires you to live in the trees!

Cloggies uk




national geographic

O2 Sustainability Tree Houses- Minneapolis


robert harvey oshatz- portland


cedar creek treehouse hotel- mt rainier

Not a real tree house, but a house that looks like a tree.


Inside a tree house

kent and britta lindvall- Tree Hotel Sweden

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