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Thursday, June 30, 2011


WREATH made out of flag tooth picks put into styrofoam-EASY

Country Living magazine is the best for 4th ideas

So festive! 

Unknown-But how easy is this! I'm totally doing this for our beach cookout

I have always wanted an old Chevy truck and this is why. 

Everyone have a safe and Happy 4th!

First Light is for the Birds!!

     Many months ago I began this annoying whine to The Romanian begging him for a miniature pony. I grew up with horses so I figured a small one would be no big deal. My Mom immediately said NO! Needless to say I haven't lived at home for many years and she had no say.  However Christmas came and went and there was no pony under the tree nor in the field. So after a few sad laps around the house The Romanian suggested chickens!! His thought I would be against that so much I would drop the pony thing, but I loved the idea. Once the snow FINALLY melted and humans and dogs alike ventured back into nature we began plotting the chicken area. We decided on a large area in the back garden next to the existing veggie garden. The Romanian build a gorgeous coop, the likes you would see in Nantucket, we got our hens and one rooster and there began our farm. I call myself a Sunday farmer and  I love to take care of the chickens. Although, I have to say there are days when I get home from a client and I'm wearing Prada shoes and a Max Mara outfit feeding them and cleaning the coop. It's becomes a little to much like a bad reality show. Ahh Green Acres....

My girls waiting for treats

My little nantucket coop-the door was found in the eves of our barn. Lucky to have a talented hubby.

By Nogg Modern Coops

le petite Palais Des Poulets-AKA Martha Stewarts chicken house

Rooms & Garden Retail store
I would live here

Where to Work

Lenny Kravitz


LA Times-
 Pons and Hout- Designer Christian Pottgiesser

 Pons and Hout- Designer Christian Pottgiesser

Three Ring Design UK

WMagazine- Gucci Italy

Unknown-Although I think I saw this Elle Decor a few yrs back..humm
I have recently decided my home office needs to be moved to a different location. After speaking to The Romanian we have decided that next summer we will begin renovating our barn/guest house. That will of course get the creative juices flowing and in turn cause me to buy lotto tickets. Until then he has so kindly decided to turn our dining room into my new office space. With a fire place and french doors leading to a porch, I am all for this transfer!! Don't worry, we have another room to feed folks so no harm done there. I have included some pictures of offices I could never have, I would never want, BUT still think they are cool and ones that inspire me. When I design offices for clients I always want them to feel comfortable, organized, personal, and welcoming. You office should inspire you everyday.


who would NOT want these at your table

wedding planning 101

Wedding Ideas-

Everyone thinks their wedding was the best, as they should! I am no exception. One of the reasons The Romanian (my hubby) and I loved our wedding so much was because it was intimate, held at our little farm house and everyone involved were friends or family. I of course had a vision that came from travels, movies I saw, food we ate. Loved this day!!

Our kids-Roni (lab and Bestman) Lily (Golden and Maid of Honor) 
Yes we owned this and no we are no rednecks, this came from a bathroom we remodeled. Because I love everything original I refused to part with it. AND now it's holder of Veuve for parties.

There are so many cake toppers now-my aunt was horrified I used this, but I thought it was so us. Make your day about you both

I love this shot

This is my veggie garden that was harvested and prepped for the dinner-we were married in early Oct.

All flower arrangements were done by my Mom-garden club member


The cedar candle holders were cut by hubby, all the wonderful antique milk glass vases were borrowed from friend and fellow blogger

Summer Cocktails

I attended a wonderful event last night at a private home in Fairfield, CT. One of the things I love most about this area are the historic homes. I live in one myself, circa 1805 built by Elipahate Coley. However, the house I was lucky enough to spend time at last night had something mine didn't...okay a lot mine didn't. One of the things was the most amazing English gardens. The husband had become a gardener as he says "late in life" but that did not stop him from designing some of the most stunning gardens I had ever seen. The other piece of the property that I loved was a little stone cottage they couple had built as their office, as well as place for caterers to work. Which brings me the the food. Susan Kane Catering of Stamford fed us last night and did the most wonderful job. Now maybe I was a chef in my last life, but food presentation is a big deal with me. Susan and her team had me taking pictures of everything. Enjoy!
photos Tyler Taylor
Photo Tyler Taylor
photo Tyler Taylor

photo Tyler Taylor
Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Photo Tyler Taylor

Susan Kane Catering
Photo Tyler Taylor

Hilary Hotchkiss-Moffly Media, Tyler Taylor, Marianne Brenner-Cowtan and Tout