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Friday, July 15, 2011


M. Constanda-New Orleans

I have an unhealthy obsession with old doors. So much in fact we have two in our barn, another one we used on the chicken coop and a fourth leaning against a wall in the house. This does not include the one that broke over winter ( much to the happiness of the hubby.)  Doors can make all the difference in the world. First, it's what greets you when you enter a house, but they also surround you once you're inside. Here are some picture to remind you that the door matters, they too have feelings, just like you fancy sofa. Enjoy!




Several years ago I had a client who also loved doors. I was working on his 20,000 sq. corporate office and many were needed. I found this Italian company and many months later we had the form of doors. If you are looking for doors that are out of this world, look no further.   

Domino-Miles Redd 

What a great headboard for a beach house.

House of Art


So, this is me. There is a funny story here. The Romanian and I were in New Orleans for vacation and since he's an amateur photographer the camera is always on hand. He asked me to cross the street and lean against the lamp post for a photo. As I leaned against it the lamp post began to fall over. It was attached to NOTHING! I literally caught a lamp post in mid-air. Sadly, no pics were caught of this because my hubby was running to help me. We got it back up and here I am watching to make sure it doesn't happen again. Ahhh New Orleans, you tricky gal.

Maria Drtfout


Schindler Metal

Studio 2000

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