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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Online Finds

Etsy-designer/seller Fruitflypie item 75556919 $ 30
She made this using a mold from the 1960's and paints them in bright colors. I LOVE IT!!!
ETSY- Item 61811414 $ 18.
I thought this was so cute. The chain is vintage, but she designer created this little robins egg nest. So fab.

Anyway, I realized it was a great time to bargain hunt. The creation of such sights as Ebay, Etsy and 1st Dibs changed the way I spent my sleepless nights. It became an open portal to find things I might never need, but really wanted. Or better that my store really wanted. I spent the last couple of days browsing some items from these sights that are currently on sale. This is to give all of you an idea of the finds on Ebay,  the talent on Etsy and the must haves on 1st Dibs. Enjoy and if you buy something let me know! 
ETSY- Mango wood coffee table item  70681931 $1600.
ETSY- Seller/designer Sketchbook item 67992189 $ 90. 
ETSY- Wild Cherry seller
She finds old chairs and makes them really fun. 
EBAY- Yes a whole barn! It's the reclaimed lumber thats the money here. This is in Colorado and offered at 45k
Ebay-photograph 1960's item  270782209117 $70.

Gerald Vann Underwood 1970's oil on canvas framed $275. item 190395633562When buying art on ebay I give you this warning, do not buy an expensive piece of art claiming to be by someone famous. It's most likely not. However, you can find some wonderful pieces for next to nothing. This one I just came upon and loved her. The framing is fabulous too and for the price it's a great deal.

Ebay- Faux bamboo 60" Tall accent chair. 130547728376
I adore this. The cushion needs a bright color fabric, but in a corner of a room this would be amazing. It's local pick=up in PA. or I would have bought it right up.
Ebay- Yellow vintage bench item 200631986083 300. or BO
With a great new modern fabric I think this would be fabulous. I would offer 150 and see what happens.
Ebay- 1979 MG Midget Roadster 6,000. item 250856048797
Love this color! I love MG's but most people who know cars will say "Stay Far Away" they tend to need a lot of TLC. However, this is gorgeous.
1st Dibs- French Art Deco CLub Chairs-1940's 5,900.
From Jean Marc Fray
1st Dibs- Odelberg Olson Chair circa 1940's Sweden 4,500.
Ebay-1960 Mercedes 190SL Strawberry Red-Clean item 330590720699 starting 55,000.
The Romanian and I both have a love for cars. I like them old, he likes them modified and fast. I want sexy, he wants fast. I want convertible, he wants fast. Well you get the point. I want this car! 
Etsy- I'm buying these little numbers. I have No idea where they will go, but it's my color! For 150 for the pair it's almost free.
I am not a great sleeper, never really have been actually. However, with three businesses to run I seem to sleep even less, but I'm not any worse off for it, thankfully. I used to hate not being able to sleep, because I would work, but I couldn't call vendors, clients or get fast responses to emails. It basically was a waste of time since I still had to wait for morning to get answers. 

Etsy item 51471248
This is a designer of wedding dresses I found on Etsy- I LOVE this dress. The soft flow of the fabric...I might need to get this just to wear around the house. 

Etsy item 70068357- Same designer as above. Great!

Etsy item 72326802
This artist finds old chairs and repaints them. This accent chair I thought is so great for a kids roo

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