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Friday, July 1, 2011

In Vino Veritas

 I was in this wonderful new chocolatier store in New Canaan today called Belgique Patisserie et Chocolatier. I had their chocolates at a private party a few days prior and brought some home to the hubby who declared their dark chocolate filled with a coffee ganache AMAZING! Since we're off to a beach BBQ tomorrow I thought they would make a delish treat. The woman was packing up these yummy calories when she said I should put them in my "wine cellar" if I'm not eating them right away. I told her I didn't have a wine cellar, but I had something us folks like to call a refrigerator. She was sweet and indeed we are in an area where I have designed several wine rooms, sadly not for myself, so her comment was innocent and really funny.  Here's to the drink.

Tyler Taylor Interiors & Four Corners Renovation (carpentry&building)
The owner wanted a fun modern bar for his "man room" I decided on antique planks as the base for the bar and a onyx stone in honey with 70 feet of tube under- lighting. I liked the play of old and new here. For the wine room behind the bar I had a custom cut seamless glass door with floating metal handles. I wanted to wine room to be seen from anywhere in the room and I wanted drama. We built a light box that surrounded the room and had red LED's installed. It gave it a "Red Light District" look that I really loved. 

Devils Thumb Ranch

I don't need 4, but 1 wine frig would do just fine for me. Years ago I was at a party on the Upper West Side and the host had 2 of these built into his very large apartment. He also had two large locks on each one. I asked if he didn't trust his guest. He said " I trust my guests, I don't trust my kids." LOL 

There is a glass ceiling over this so upstairs can see all that is below.

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