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Friday, July 22, 2011


If I wasn't in the home furnishings business I would be selling and designing stationary. I LOVE IT!! I love writing letters with actual paper and pen, I love my journal, I never use a blackberry or ipad for my schedule, I use a leather date book, the whole business of paper is right up my alley. I have decided to push my favorite stationary products on you in hopes that you get inspired. Write people!!

Felix Doolittle
I heard about this company when it first began. I called to open a wholesale account for the store and was surprised to get an answer from this young man. Born in Hong Kong and educated in Boston, Felix explained he was an artist who was influenced by his culture in Hong King and the traditional life in Boston. Whatever his inspiration it worked and he now has a huge following. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to set up wholesale accounts, but I spread the word whenever I could. He has come a long way in just a few years and I still love it!!

Send Felix your house and get personal stationary

SMYTHSON  of Bond St-London
If you love stationary and leather goods you know this company. It's perfect. 

This is so tiny and perfect. I want it please.

A Lady Writing-Vermeer @ National Gallery of Art DC

Kate Spade

I always go buy her booth at gift fair and love it. Alas I am not in the stationary biz, therefore I am just an admirer.

Pie Bird Press
I love this little company! Their pieces remind me of  Norman Rockwell.

Graphic Image
AND this is where my life is very well documented for the last 5 years. I have 4 more of these packed away. I LOVE them. 

I found these (in my color) at Home Goods

My book plates by Felix Doolittle

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