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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Landscape Architects...Worth Every Penny

I had a client who bought a painting from me a year ago and as I was placing it in her house she told me that her and husband bought land and were building a house. I said "Make sure you get a landscape architect in there first." She said it was too expensive and they would landscape at the end. I drove by the contruction a few days ago and every tree had been cut down to make room for bulldozers. They would soon have a house, but they had lost all the charm of the scenery. I'm an antique house kinda gal, so building something from scratch would never occur to me. However, so many people do and in the process make SO many huge mistakes my chopping down things that do not need to go. 

  Today, is about landscape architects and some of their amazing projects. I decided to focus on three areas of the US: Northeast, Southern California and Seattle. The styles are vastly different in these regions, but all these architects bring something unique and gorgeous to the table. Enjoy!!

James Doyle Design Associates- Greenwich CT.
His gardens are AMAZING!! This is much more english garden style then something more modern, but stunning all the same. The pictures below are of a house in Greenwich  called Old Mill Farm and honestly it looks like it belongs in the English country side. I can't image having this as my backyard.


 Allworth Design- Seattle, WA. I love Seattle! It's organic and everything is so closely tied to nature. These projects by Allworth are really just cool.


L.A. Baby! Mark David Levine Design Group is responsible for these over the top designs. They are gorgeous, big, lush and have a sense of fantasy. It's perfect for California.

This was done by Haugen/Zohar Oslo Norway. They are known for their "usable" sculptures in public parks and buildings. This is for kids.

Stone artist and landscaper Thea Alvin. A Vermont based artist, she travels all over the world to create stone art. It's SO cool. I am sure I will get some "This looks like Andy Goldsworthy" Yes, except besides to pieces Goldsworthy is commissioned to make, his true art is only to last as long as the elements of nature allow. Thea Alvin builds to last. 

Thea Alvin - However, THIS is more Goldsworthy like.

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