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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'll Take It!!

Sunday is flea market day for me and my fellow blogger, Well Mannered. It's a 45 minute drive from us and as we headed north so did the rain. However as we reached our destination the rain let up and we began our search. The rain had thinned out the vendors significantly, but oddly the best vendors remained and they all had really great things!! The rain actually helped us in the end because vendors were eager to bargain and sell sell sell. Here's to hunting, searching, bargaining, buying and be creative once you get home.
Tyler Taylor
These are old matches with great advertisements! How great to collect lots of them and frame them all together in rows.  Feeling really brave, do a whole wall!

Tyler Taylor
For those with a glass addiction (and you know who you are) there is TONS of it at the markets. I only buy when there's 6 or more of the same design, but mixing and matching makes a great table too.
Not just for drinks
                 1. Sorbets/desserts
                     2. Hold your Jewelry
           3. Tea candles
4. Candy
                                              5.Plant with 
Succulents (pic below)

Tyler Taylor
This vendor had wonderful antique cigarette and make-up compacts. These make  wonderful business card holders or begin a collection and display on a side table 
Tyler Taylor
Well Mannered author picks up a great gesso frame.


MN Examiner
Adding a board inside the frame of anything and then painting it with chalk board paint makes a fun and useful piece of art.

Better Home and Garden
An old screen door painted and used at extra it!

I grabbed this photo because my friend bound 12 milk glasses today just like the one here. I LOVED the cup cake idea!! So great!

I would not use this in my house, but hey who am I to judge. If I saw it at someone's house I would appreciate the idea.

Old jars a dime a dozen. I love them as drink glasses, but this is great too! Especially for a country wedding.

Vintage jars can be so beautiful. If you are new to the bottle market you want to try to get the ones with the original stoppers. This is a lovely collection.

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