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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Princess of Darkness

I am a reality TV show hater. I rarely watch a lot of TV, but when I do that is that last thing I look for. However, 9 years ago one of the first reality shows came to MTV called the "Osbourne's" and everyone was buzzing about it, me also. I loved the family craziness, how they adored each other, but mostly how the house was decorated. It was nuts! Crosses were hung everywhere, it was dripping in gothic style, but for them it worked. 

Well, many years later, the mascot of the house-Sharon Osbourne, has re-invented her style with help from  Martyn Lawrence-Bullard in their new home in L.A.  It's a great departure from where they came from, and it's gorgeous. Architectural Digest (all photos) did another beautiful job capturing the interiors.

The chairs are covered in Edelman Leathers- Bonnie Edelman is a friend and she was working on a house I was visiting and the front door was a wonderful robins egg blue. I fell in love and she mentioned they had a leather in the same color. I totally forgot until I saw these and now I MUST have ASAP! Love it!

The Marie Antoinette chaise is stunning!

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