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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello Mr. Allen

Annie Hall-Which also won best picture
The first Woody Allen movie I ever saw was Hannah and her Sister's, I thought it was amazing. Soon Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors and my all time favorite Manhattan Murder Mystery followed. I  loved how the movies were filmed, the quick wit, the attention to what was reality. It was a perfect mix of movie and story. Now, Woody is not for everyone and I think those who do love him are not truly sure what it is they love. It' ne sais quoi. After going to see Midnight In Paris , one of my very favorite cities, I kept thinking, "I love what she's wearing." So tonight I dedicate this blog to the style of Woody Allen and all his many stylish leading ladies. Enjoy

Midnight in ParisOnly Owen Wilson and Rachel received and read the whole script before and while shooting the movie. The other actors only received pages of the script with their own scenes.

Midnight in Paris
This was a great little outfit. Fitted jeans, long white t, belt and chanel jacket.

Vicky Cristina BarcelonaThis is the third film that Woody Allen has made with Scarlett Johansson after Match Point (2005) and Scoop (2006).

I want to look this good when I'm madJavier Bardem and Penélope Cruz married for real two years later.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Midnight in Paris
The 1920's had the most wonderful style. The dresses were just perfect.
The film is the first Allen has shot entirely in Paris, though both Love and Death (1975)[9] and Everyone Says I Love You (1996)[10] were partially filmed there.

Diane Keaton was always in charge of her own wardrobe in Woody's movies.  He said wear what you want and she never disappointed. 

Diane Keaton has said her first love was Woody Allen

location location location

Annie Hall

Brasserie Max of the Covent Garden Hotel
Match Point

Everyone Says I Love You

Match Point

Midnight In Paris


Manhattan-unknown movie

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