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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bon Voyage

Hotel Villa Flori-Italy

Boutique Hotels have always held a special place in my heart. Maybe it's my E.M. Foster romantic sensibility coming through. However, being in a hotel where guests say good morning to each other before they set off for their days journey, and then telling each others favorite finds in the evening is just my cup of tea. I am girl who prefers letters to email and getting lost versus carrying a map. Lucy Honeychurch is never far from my mind when I am traveling. I have included some of my favorite boutique hotel from all over. Even if you don't plan to stay a night, going for a drink is always a wonderful way to end an evening. Enjoy!

I have never been to Lake Como, although my Grandmother says Villa d'Este is not to be missed. This little boutique was recommended by a friend as a "must have" on my blog. Indeed it's stunning.

This used to be an old printing factory-hence "Ink48" The Rockwell Group were the architects who renovated this building and did an amazing job.

I attended a private party here, that's how I heard of the hotel. This roof deck lounge is a must see. I have heard service is not the best, BUT you get a view.

The Private Suite

The Inn At Little Washington
I am sad to say in all my years growing up in Washington DC I never was taken here. (I hope you're reading this Mom) The accommodations are of course wonderful, but it's the food you go for. 

Chef Patrick O'Connell
The Pelham- London

Love the use of gray in this room. This is totally my style.

Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci Florence-Italy
I think most of my family, extended and immediate have stayed here. The owners are friends and this is the "Rooms with a View" kind of hotel. It is beyond friendly and the location is PERFECT- Hermes is 2 steps away!! Please, you cannot do better then that.

This was my room # 21 AND there was wine waiting when we arrived.  

It's always one of the few hotels with a roof top terrace. Having drinks up here with a perfect view of Florence was like being in a movie. 

Le Pavillon De La Reine- Paris FranceThe Place des Vosges (original name) was originally called the Place Royale, and was constructed on the orders of Henry IV, who did not live to see its completion. It was intended as a royal residence, though this purpose was never realized. The Place was once a gathering place for figures of high society.

The Hôtel des Académies et des Arts- Paris France
I went to the tea room here while I was staying in Paris for a few weeks several years ago. This hotel was so beautifully decorated. It was a perfect blend of old and new. 

Jérôme Mesnager- artist famous for his white bodies. The hotel is covered in them.
Jérôme Mesnager’s amazing white body
Hotel Regina- Paris France
I have stayed in several hotels and one apartment during my travels to Paris, but this hotel holds a very special place in my heart. It was the first time I could actually afford to take my Mom on a trip. We hadn't had a "Mother Daughter" trip since she took me to NYC when I was 11. We had the very best time! She lived in Paris when she was in her 20's, so she loved telling me all the stories of when she was there. Wink wink

This hotel is "old school" royal with a bit of shabbiness. We loved it!

Ummm this WASN'T our room. lol However, our room had a small balcony AND an awesome view of the Eiffel Tower. 

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