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Saturday, August 6, 2011


When I was little I spent every summer under an enormous canvas beach umbrella that my grandfather would spent 10 minutes pushing deep into the sand. It's was hunter green with white trim and it was one of many huge gorgeous umbrellas on the beach. These days the beach is littered with plastic overly colorful umbrellas that you can pick up from the local drug store...yuck. I know it sounds snobby, but it's not, those umbrellas were romantic and reminded of a slower time. 

M. Constanda


M. Constanda
M.C. Constanda and Tyler Taylor - Miami
The Romanian is a hobby photographer (show coming soon FYI) He set up this shot on a drizzly day on the beach- I love it!

unknown 1950's

Claire louise Vintage

unknown vintage

Villa Brunella- Capri, Italy
I love this!!! If I could make it mandatory for everyone to have the same color beach umbrellas I would be a happy sunbather :) I know a little dictatorial, but design wise it's awesome.

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