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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The NYIGF is what us retail owners call "market." It's our shopping time and it happens two times a year in NYC and in Atlanta. For use furniture retailers we also have to go to High Point, NC which we all dread. I have been doing the NY show since I opened and I go to everyone, basically because it's in my backyard. However it's a grueling and tiresome few days. 
This year will be a bit different has I will be taking the new owners of The Summer House to the show to help them buy for Fall. Essentially I will not be spending my money, I will be helping them spend theres! One of the reasons I am going with them is to keep them on a tight budget. Often first times come in here and see glitter everywhere. My job will be to guide them to what they need and what will sell vs what they want. 
Every year, no fail, I end up in the trying on cashmere sweaters and jackets because I love them. It's times like these when a strong wing man is needed to bring you back to reality..."HELLO, you own a furniture store." 
So, I leave you with this post and one other as I venture around the market. When I come up for air, I will have lots of fun pictures of what's going to be in hot this Fall in home decor. Until then pray I don't pass out in aisle 2500 booth 2598 from exhaustion.  xxoo

J. Adler

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