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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall 2011 Coats

Maria Grachvogel
I adore this cashmere and fur combo. Look at the movement...amazing.
It's no secret Fall is my very favorite season. The thought of walking around NYC playing out my When Harry Met Sally Fall scenes gets me totally excited. The clothes, the boots and especially the COATS. As of last count, when my coats went to sleep for the summer, I had 32. I KNOW!! My Mom is always saying, "Don't you already have a coat in camel or black etc etc." Yes! However, that's really not the point. It's the shape, style, texture, materials used that makes all the difference. My coats run the gammit of wools, wools and leathers combined, cashmere, cashmere blends, just leather, cotton blends, mohairs, gore-tex, furs and the list goes on and on. To pick my favorite is asking me to pick my favorite child, although anything "sports/ ski" would be what I wear least. 
     Last year I had a near panic attack when one went missing. An all alert was posted on Facebook, no help there, I called the Romanian in a panic, he asked if I looked in my closet. What the heck kind of questions was that...OF COURSE! I asked the other coats, but they were silent... jealous of course. After two days of searching and praying she returned!! My black angora blend by Max Mara, a Loehmann's find, was back. She was vacationing at the dry cleaners, which I had forgotten I had taken her to myself. The ONLY reason I remembered was because I drove past the cleaners and the light bulb went off. A quick u-turn and within minutes she was back in my arms. Ahhhh. 
     So here are some of my picks for 2011. I am thrilled fur is making a come back again and I hope PETA  doesn't come TP my house for saying so. ENJOY!!

Raf Simons

Dolce & Gabbana

So shearling does not live in my coat collection, but that does not mean I haven't been searching. For years I have been looking for the "One" that I can also afford. I have seen many that just don't hold a candle to pieces like this or Max Mara. I will not the piggy bank must continue to be filled. 

Yves Saint Laurent

There are very very few coat designers that can keep up with Burberry. They are always coming up with designs that are both elegant and modern. I adore this coat.




This is an affordable knockoff of a Jill Saunders. 

If they put a faux fur collar around this, it would take to the next level, but it's cute.

M. Kors
I love Michael Kors. He has really blossomed in the last few years and I love love him.

M. Kors

M. Miller
I am not a ski jacket gal, BUT if I were I would wear M. Miller. Stylish and great colors for the slopes.


Max Mara
YES PLEASE!!! There are few designers I love more then Max Mara. I have more of his clothes then I think any other designers. He just fits my body really well and I know when I buy his clothes they will always look great and feel great.
I was lucky enough to preview the Fall collection and his coats are awesome this year. 

Max Mara

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