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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living in Orange

It's no secret I adore the color orange and it's also no secret that I adore Hermes. When I first met my hubby he said he loved my perfume. I told him it was a soft scent by Hermes and I was almost out. From that moment on he has bought me a new bottle of Hermes whenever I am running low. SWEET! 
    Anyway, back to orange. It's a fabulous color that many people use in pillows and throws, but it's also wonderful on walls, drapery and upholstery. Be brave people. Here's a little inspiration. Enjoy!

vogue 67'


greystone designer show house 



Reed Krakoff, Carolina Herrera, BCBG Fall 2011

sarah story

southern accents 

the lennoxx

victoria pearson


Hamps UK

Hastings House

M. Stewart

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