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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stairway to heaven.

Ignoring your boring staircase? Don't! Here is a little inspiration and hopefully ideas for you design lovers. Enjoy!

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I love this idea, especially in a beach house or second home where you might be a bit more relaxed. 

After a few drinks I would be banned from going up or down these.

Brooks & Falotico
This was done by a New Canaan CT company. I love how they built in a bench really a cute idea. the chairs on the other side can go. 

SPACE SAVER- love it. 

Domino Magazine
What a great color!

Tyler Taylor Interiors
This was a client who had this amazing stair case, but it looked very traditional and they were more modern. The floor had already been stained before I began, otherwise I would have done it in a much darker color. I had the banister and spindles done in high gloss black oil. It gave it a patent leather look and the black and white greek key carpet is by Stark.  

Since I am totally into yellow, this I just love. Even if you get a small look at a wall make it have a punch.  The yellow  makes the room. The cute dog doesn't hurt either.

If you have a wood banister that looks like the one on the left. PAINT IT. I prefer black, but you can do white or be bold and do royal blue. The wood that SO many 70-80's houses came worth is dated and looks cheap. This is really one of the first things I change in a clients house. Even when I was not going in to do the stairs, I always say "Oh thats going" It never fails that clients are freaked out at first to cover their "gorgeous dated" ugly banister, but when my guys are done they are thrilled.

Again, no drinking and climbing.

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