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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The three girls survive the Gift Fair!!!

So, I am alive and the EMT the ran down the aisle at Pier 94 was not for me or anyone I know. lol. Megan and Margaret (new owners of The Summer House) completed their first show with some wonderful finds. Since it was their first go around I thought it best if we walked the entire show, which I now know takes two full day, minus the international section which we skipped.
   To say the show is overwhelming is an understatement, it's huge...yes, but as humans our minds work in pattern. Meaning if we see the same color over and over OR shape we begin to associate it with what we saw previously. Therefore after hour 5 you really have to look hard and focus. It's mentally exhausting. That said we had a great time and with plenty of water and power bars we made it through. I can honestly say these girls got some wonderful things and I can't wait to shop at their store. (Wow that's weird to say :)
    The only problem I encountered was what I have dubbed "I'll Take It" syndrome. Since my focus was helping the girls verses buying for the store myself, it gave me WAY to much space in my brain to think about myself. Therefore for the first time in my gift fair history I bought only for me and I bought a fair amount. The list includes; a gorgeous necklace, 2 silver 5 arm candelabras, an ottoman coffee table, two planters/vases for a party I might have, duvet and shams and I have an appointment with a diamond dealer. Wha Wha What??? I know, and if my Mom reads this I am sure to get a text saying either; 1. Cancel some of those orders or 2. Can I come with you to the diamond apt. Time will tell.
    Once I got off the train, I sat on with many other shop owners returning from their day at the fair, I looked at my Facebook only to see 5 separate comments from friends/shop owners all saying some what of the same thing "I made it out alive from the gift fair." So there you have it, we all do it and some how we all make it out on the other side. Until February-good day dear Gift Fair.

Tyler Taylor photo
Emissary is know for their design with mirror and this show was no exception. I like the incorporation of wood with this piece. I have to say as a retailer these pieces can really be a shipping nightmare and when not used for specific design projects I tend to stay away.

Tyler Taylor

Tyler Taylor

Tyler Taylor
Lets leave the chairs for last...because they are so great. The desk, of course is in my color so I was drawn to immediately.  Lacquer is still going strong this year and with these fabulous colors who wouldn't be drawn to it. Now to the chairs.  Okay so not everyones cup of tea, but I have to say I love these. I would totally giggle every time I walked by these in my house. As kids desk chairs or even as kitchen chairs, so fab.

Margaret and Megan on day one, hour one. Oh the energy. 

Tyler Taylor
Pacific Connections only does lacquer and always has great colors. I loved this little boxes with the rosebud handles. Very creative.

Tyler Taylor

Tyler Taylor
Hit The Summer House this Fall to see the beautiful color Margaret and Megan got these in, but square. So much better for floor lounging. 

Tyler Taylor
I loved these. I thought they would be so cute sticking out of the Xmas tree. I might have to get them actually.

Day two hour 6, any chance to sit down. These were soooo comfy.
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