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Friday, August 12, 2011

LA ESQUINA my Favorite NYC hot spot opens in Brooklyn

All photos property of La Esquina

I first heard about this little restaurant 4 years ago when Kelly Ripa was on TV saying she went to this place in the city where you had to knock on a janitors closet door to get in. THIS IS TRUE. Once you got to the basement it was filled with candles leading the way and some very dim strands of lights. This is also true. After a little research I found the name La Esquina and called to make a reservation, only to be told I could only make reservations 3 weeks out and the only time available was 6pm.
Jump to almost 3 years ago and I was on a date (pre Romanian) who said hey want to go to this place La Esquina. I said we would never get in, but we walked into this taco stand straight to the janitors closet where my date said  "Tell (whomever)  that it's Mike (I made up the name fyi) we want to eat." The man who "sat in the closet" called down and he said "GO" I have to say that was a pretty hot move.

We walked down a huge flight of stairs that were steep that left us in a hot kitchen. We then walked through the kitchen, into a tiny hall where our coats were taken. It was dark, VERY dark. However when we rounded the corner the room we were in a gorgeous cave like restaurant surrounded my fabulous decor and tons of candles. It was a gem.
I have since gone back numerous times and can now even get fairly good reservations. I have never had a bad meal there and the bar scene is perfect for people watching.

This is the sitting area across from the bar. This is where I almost got into my first bar fight. The Romanian and I were having drinks and been there for a few hours when a bunch of Jersey girls came in and starting "Jersey Shoring" ...that is all I will say about that lol.  FYI-nothing happened

The bar is very rustic, but so gorgeous.

I have never seen it so bright.
The new La Esquina houses in an old diner. LOVE IT

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