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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As some may know Paris is my Nantucket. I don't need a beach surrounded by the same people I live around, I need lights, amazing food, a sparkling tower and the sweet sound of French music playing as I pass a cafe'. Paris is my ultimate vacation spot...Always and forever.
    So this week Paris has put on her very best dress and is hosting fashion week for all the who's who in the industry. I wish wish wish I was one of them and maybe one day I will be invited to go to all the shows and fancy parties, jump into a brassiere at midnight for dinner and then lazily walk home along the seine with The Romanian. 
However for now I will live through others, who are doing just that, by reading their blogs and FB comments on dinner with Christian Louboutin (you know who you are and I am don't even like shoes), run ins with Emmanuelle Alt and other amazing people I only read about. No I am not bitter.
   I perked up yesterday when my sister said she wanted to have the whole family go to Paris for her 30th birthday next year. WHAT??? I am in in in. Since she was only 18 when she was last there I have decided to put together a list of MUST go to's, whether you are their for fashion week or birthday celebrations!!!

Fatima Lopes opened Paris Fashion Week with black and white 

Fatima Lopes

Jules Verne
When I took my Mom to Paris, I got a reservation at Jules Verne months in advance. It was an amazing experience and we had a blast. Is is the best food ever?? It was pretty close. 

You cannot beat this view, plus the elevator up is worth every penny you pay to eat here. So if my family happens to head here for my sisters 30th I will make sure we go here for wee bit. 

Hermes Fall 2011
So I always buy a scarf whenever I come to Paris as a little token of my time. Things to know when you walk into this store: 1. If you JUST buying a scarf they really aren't very impressed 2. They know right away when you walk into that door that you cannot afford what they want to sell.  3. They no longer give out the little books that went with buying a scarf....urrr. 4. It's SUCH fun to walk out of there with your Hermes shopping bag, it might be small, but it's yours.

Because who doesn't need a falcon when dressing for winter??? 

Oh what I wouldn't give to see judges faces in the show ring when someone prances in with this little number.

One of my favorites! Never step foot into this amazing place before 9. When this place gets going is when it really shines. It's still a local favorite, so seeing a small dog sitting next to you eating steak is not uncommon. 

The decor is 1020's french with the most wonderful stain glassed ceiling above you. I have been here 4 times and never had a bad meal. Although the frog legs freaked me out a little.
Vogue Contributing Editor Lauren Santo Domingo
Lauren hits New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks back to back. There was an article about how she packs for such stylish events without bringing 18 suitcases. Here is one of her daily outfits, that she swears she wore for 12 hours and it looked just as good from beginning to end.
Men's Spring 2012 Fashion week Milan

Paris NOW
I love when bloggers or reporters follow street fashion in Paris and around. I have to say I am seeing a ton of black on black this fall over there. Is Angelina rubbing off on them?? Hummm

Ok so this was last Fall 2010, BUT I adore it from top to bottom it's amazing! 

Mens Fashion Week Paris
This is a great little patchwork skirt, fun and playful.

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