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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Wheat with Coco Chanel

The Wheat Sheaf; symbol of abundance, prosperity and bounty. Used metaphorically as emblems of a good harvest, fertility and a closeness to mother earth.
CoCo Chanel, whom lived on 31 Rue Cambon, had wheat sheaf in every room of her apartment. Once saying it was her good luck charm, she collected sculptures, paintings, and home decor symbolizing prosperity through wheat.
I first saw a wheat sheaf table in Paris, although they originate from Italy, when I was on a buying trip years ago. I fell in love with the piece, but the antique shop I found it in knew what they had and I couldn't afford it. However when I returned home I searched ebay until I found one made in Italy and in perfect condition. Luckily, I won the item and unluckily I put it in my store rather then my apt. I was a new store and wanted great items in there at all times. Of course with a heavy heart I sold it very quickly. I have now been on a search not for the coffee table size, but the dining room table size. EXTREMELY hard to find...but I love a good hunt.

Coco Chanel Apt.

Coco Chanel Apt.


 Yves Saint Laurent also had a love of the wheat sheaf, here in his Paris APT.

His casket was covered in Wheat

Elle Decor
One of YSL private rooms

Found this on ebay

When The Romanian and I got married we had wheat sheaf all over the grounds of our house. 

1960's Warren Platner- inspired coffee table - Domino
A new take in the 60's on the wheat sheaf. I actually really like this design and sadly a lot of companies are redoing it in very poor quality. I'm talking to you Worlds Away