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Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Market 3 Costume Jewelry

It was another gorgeous Sunday and Marianne ( and I heading north for another flea market treasure hunt. What we found was a vintage jewelry collectors dream. Marianne has several specialties in the collection area; glass, vintage clothing and jewelry. So, right out of the box she found a wonderful man who had a HUGE collection of vintage pins, bracelets and some sets. Designers included Christian Dior, Hollycraft, Chanel, as well as Juliana style (his is a style of jewelry, not a maker. Julian pieces were designed by the DeLizza and Elster factory (D & E) and are highly collectible and sought after. Never marked on the piece, only with paper hang tags. Specific design characteristics will help to identify the piece.)

I was of course in heaven with this Indiana man who was in the Northeast for Brimfield and slowly making his way home.
    I was looking for a brooch for a wedding, but of course stumbled across several other must haves.  So lets begin.

This was one of many trays of vintage pieces

This was a Juliana style brooch I fell in love with. The color of the Austrian crystals is very rich and it's in remarkable condition. This is considered a more Edwardian style with large center stone, and symmetrical shape. This piece is very nice example, but wasn't a very expensive piece due to it's age probably late 70's and several tiny stones missing. 

Hollycraft, also known as the Hollywood Jewelry Mfg of NYC 1936 -1978
This bracelet is in perfect condition with many many multi colored crystals. It is signed and dated Hollycraft 1940
Info on vintage jewelry can be found all over the Internet. I like
cost $575 paid $400.

The working on the back of this bracelet is just as  beautiful as the front.

Unsigned- while some jewelry collectors would dub this Juliana as well, one must be careful to over name a piece simply because it's unsigned, There are numerous pieces that are unsigned and NOT Juliana style. Since I am not an expert in this field, but have done a bit of research I was leaning towards this NOT being a Juliana style. HOWEVER, I found this picture below on a Juliana website almost identical to my bracelet. I was thrilled to find such a close copy to confirm what I was unsure of. Asking 375 paid 250.


A piece I thought was fun, but didn't purchase

A Christian Dior collection he sold to another woman while we were there for $3000. The  Parure set (meaning earrings, necklace and Brooch) was a great deal. If it was only a necklace and earrings this would be called a demi Parure.  
What to remember: Vintage jewelry is for a knowledge buyer. The more you know the better deals you will get. It's a fabulous was to add value to your jewelry because if you buy the right pieces they will never decrease in value...ask Rachel Zoe. Thanks Marianne for all your knowledge and fun facts.

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