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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


tyler taylor for HOUSE&POST
My gorgeous 5 year old niece who's enjoying Missoni

 So I had another blog planned for today, but will save that for tomorrow so I can go over my Missoni experience at Target. Let me first begin by saying I am OKAY! There were a few times I didn't think I would make it out. I would be Target road kill somewhere between Houseware and Bathroom cleansers. However, I found a shelf that I actually climbed onto, YES I did this, and was safe temporarily.

    Let's start at the beginning. I had heard that Target would go online with Missoni "Bright and Early" so I was ready at 5:30. By 6 they were up and running and I went straight for the bike and GOT IT!!! I then combed through as much as possible as fast as possible a got several more things, checked out and was done. I was very happy.
Step 2; head to the Target store. I am not good at returning things, so I was a wee bit nervous to buy clothes online and thought if I get there when they open I will be fine. Ummmm NO.
                 I literally parked and was in the store in Trumbull (far enough north to avoid crowds...oh silly me) by 8:30. When I arrived I saw employees putting out Missoni for kids. I don't have kids, but my sister has two girls who would love this colorful stuff. So via text (God bless technology) I sent her pictures, sizes, asked questions and got what I could before running up to women's.
   Holy Chaos, Target did not put anything out the night before therefore if was mayhem of people grabbing, pulling, yelling. Much un-lady like behavior! While this was going on I would get texts form my sister to "Go in there and grab." or "Be  I grabbed what I could find that was left and then sat by the dressing rooms waiting for discarded clothes. It worked and I got a sweater, two skirts and two pairs of shoes in the right size for me and my sister...SCORE.

    I then headed back down stairs into the Home department, only to be met with a crowd of people waiting by the stock room door. There I saw another New Canaan store owner, a client AND I met the wife of one of the head designers for Jones NY. This was becoming the social scene of the week. While waiting for Heather, Rhaj and Mike (all Target employee's we befriended) the crowd of 30 or so all chatted about their finds, how the Target site had crashed and if anyone wanted to trade Missoni bowls for a tray...No takers. So as people peeked into the stock room, begged for information as to what is coming out and cheered as employee's walked in and out, I learned some Italian. The woman I befriended had just returned and knew my store when she lived here. So we discussed living overseas and by the time new items were about to make an appearance I had an invite to Florence for a visit. I have all her info so we will see what the future holds.
     Security arrived with the new houseware cart, threatening to kick anyone out who pushed. The items made it 1 ft past the stock room door before it was emptied. I scored the tall plastic drinking cups I wanted and then on the way out saw that someone had put back the big black Missoni fall hat...DOUBLE SCORE.

All is all this was one of those experience that was crazy in the fun way. As Ii have tried to explain to some of the none Missoni believers, there is something historical to have a couture fashion house design for the masses for 1 month only. I might not like all of Missoni's ideas or designs but I respect where they came from, that this family had an idea and saw it through. It's fun to own a little piece of that. Enjoy!

tyler taylor for HOUSE&POST
The craziness of Target


My other niece, and fashion diva, wearing her Missoni leggings, skirt, Missoni hat and my shoes. 
 Ro in my Missoni shoes.

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