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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OH So Tiny Bathroom- How I have to love you.

I really like this sink idea, it's small but allows for two sinks. The Romanian doesn't share well so this would settle that issue :) 

Living in an antique is both wonderful and challenging and there aren't many times I think "I wish I lived in a new house." Actually, I never think that, but it's not always easy. My focus lately has been on our master bathroom which rivals most powder rooms when it comes to size. The Romanian and I discussed the remodeling process that most happen for our tiny out of date bathroom and always get stumped. However I have decided I am tired of it and ready to change it...NOW. So here is a little inspiration for me and all of you have "tiny bathroom syndrome." May we learn to love our little space. ENJOY
So simple, but really elegant. The black and white palette is right up my alley.

Okay, so this isn't a small bathroom, BUT the color is amazing. 



I am more intrigued that they have plumbing going through the mirror and it didn't shatter. 


The fireplace mantel as the back of the tube is a great idea. 

This is the sink that I think might be the winner for our bathroom.