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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"You Have Reached Your Final Destiny." Day 5

             EXHUASTED!!  I can only describe today as hitting a Pause button and then going back to Play.

       Waking up at 6am doesn't even faze me anymore. I'm not tired or grouchy, just ready. Griff came in first and snuggled in bed with me while we waited to hear pitter patter of the other munchkins waking up. Like every morning I put them in my bed and they watch cartoons while I get myself together.
      So lets recap what MY normal day looks like when I'm not Nanny: wake up, eat breakfast, walk dogs, workout, shower, blow dry my hair, make-up, pick out a nice outfit, work, errands, work, make dinner, relax with my husband.

    Ok and NOW: Wake up to a little creature crawling in my bed, get up, go to the bathroom, have someone come in while I'm going to the bathroom, dress in yoga pants and whatever is black, most likely I wore it yesterday, brush my teeth (quickly), put my hair in a pony tail (because I no longer take regular showers), and I'm done. Yep that's it.

    So I got all the kids dressed and we headed downstairs. Yes it's a Saturday, but I don't like pj's around the house. I made eggs and toast as the kids (FOR THE FIRST DAMN TIME) played and waited patiently...why they can't do this during the week I have no clue. When breakfast was ready (it was fast) they had fresh eggs from my chickens and Cinnamon toast.

      I am explaining this so that my readers understand why I got a lecture from the 6yr old this morning. I ACCIDENTALLY only SLIGHTLY over browned the toast. I am sure this is punishable by dismissal at Downton Abbey, but in this household it's far worse! First I got a look like I had committed a war crime, then I am not sure if she's going to have a crying fit or just refuse to eat it...I prefer the latter. However, I ask her to take a moment to realize it's just toast, before she doles out my punishment. She takes a breath and says,
"I don't like to eat burnt toast, and really I don't know anyone who does."
Well she does have a point, I don't either, but it was an accident I explain.
"OKAY, then it's okay you can just make me another one."
I think that means I get to keep my job!

     After that fun filled meal I try hard to finish my blog as kids run around me only to have Rowan come up to me with her bag of kids makeup and suggest I try some. I politely say I have to finish, but she is adamant.

    Now this girl is, oh how can I explain, the kindest little girl I have ever met..EVER! If you needed the shirt off her back she would gladly hand it over and with a smile no less. So I have to stop and say, there must be a need if she has asked twice. I look in her tiny makeup mirror and indeed there isn't much to be desired. So we get to work. In one week I have gone from a small makeup bag of Chanel and other fine products to Toys R Us crap. Not only are my color choices less than stellar, everything is for doll size people. However, Rowan and I work some magic and I look much better by the end!

   Once done I realize the littlest one has gone rogue. I head upstairs where he quickly meets me in the hallway with a hand full of Skittles and says, " I'm done." Ummmm YEAH YA ARE! Seems Mommy has a candy drawer.

       I took the kids to their Grandparents for 3 hours so I could have a little R&R with my husband. (Lets put aside that we spent most of that time at Home Depot.) But I was a free woman for 3 hours, but then when I went to pick them up they were all tired and crabby, one crying, the other hungry and the little one trying to kill me with his motor car thingy. Anyway, it was harder getting them back then if I had just had them the whole time. I spent the next 15 minutes in the car listening to crying from 2 out of the 3 kids. I threw back some snacks, OH my aim has totally improved. I can throw backwards without looking, while DRIVING and have it land next to the right kids. I always tape myself on the shoulder when I do this because I think it's so cool.

      Next it was off to Target. The real purpose of this trip was to look for something for my sisters house. So I might be the nanny this week, but I am always the interior designer. I had decided to give their very large foyer a bit of a face lift while they were away and was still looking for bits and pieces. Anyway that was why Target was on the agenda. Of course I did have to bribe them with a little something in return to get them to shop with me and not get all tired and hungry on me.


     As we headed home my sisters car began to speak to me! It was a sign I was talking to myself too much. So yes I am one of those people who talks to themselves...a lot. You know when your at a stop light and see someone talking but you don't see them holding a phone and then you realize they have one of those ear piece things and you think "Ok normal." Yeah, that's NOT me. I am ACTUALLY talking to myself. What do I talk about you ask?? Well things I need to do and how best to do them, how I want a conversation with a client to go, what I would say if I met Kate Middleton (yes I have had the conversation with myself.) Don't judge.

    So when the car started talking to me I thought, well it was just tired of me talking and not one of my 3 passengers responding. I actually didn't hear what is said because it took me by surprise. However Chloe said it did that all the time. I asked what did it say? Her response word for word,
"It Said, "You have reached your final Destiny."
Yep, that sounds about right.

      The evening went along smoothly and I even had my husband for a few hours to help with dinner and entertaining the kids...they all sat glued in front of the TV watching Scooby Doo. Once the kids were put to bed and I said goodnight and goodbye to the husband, I decided a shower was in order. 

       Keep in mind I have only bathed TWICE this week, but always at my house. My sister and her husbands house have a plumbing issue. Their huge bathroom has a shower that is to say the least...fickle. I tried every which way and that stupid thing did NOT go on. I know it's a knob and you turn it, how hard can it be? But it didn't work. I text her, not realizing she was at some concert in Mexico listen to an 80's cover band and drinking...A LOT. Anyway, the text I got back was,
"Don't F up my shower."

      Lovely Right??  Okay, plan B. The huge tub that takes days to fill. It was late and I was desperate so I decided to channel my inner British girl and add a little water (enough to clean the important parts) and run my hair under the faucet. Next thing I know I have two kittens sitting on the side staring at me and trying to catch the water. Good Lord I have not a moment to myself in this house. I hurry along and finally feel at least a little more alive when I am done and ready to climb into bed and it seems so are the kittens. They prance around me, pounce on my stomach (I have cramps FYI), attack my hand when I use the remote for the TV and my favorite burrow next to my head and pure as loud as a race car next to my ear. I'm exhausted, can't hear the damn TV anyway and decides it's lights off.
        BUT I go and check on the little ones first, because I'm cold and I want to make sure they aren't too. :)




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