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Saturday, March 10, 2012

"CRAP, this darn skirt isn't going on." DAY 4

        I am still here and alive. Actually if it's possible I am actually getting better and better at this everyday.  (That is not an invitation for Mom and Dad to stay in Mexico drinking tequila) but I have carved out a schedule that works! We pick out clothes the night before and lay them out. In the morning they are dressed, teeth brushed, hair done all before we head downstairs! My Romanian husband has these "superstitions" shall we call them? Anyway, one of them is to never go backwards during your day, propel forward. Anyway, the kids love it and morning time is really smooth! I am still trying to figure out how to feed them proper cooked breakfasts while they wait patiently...that ones hard. They are like starving tigers at feeding time pacing the fences and I have to throw something at them to munch on so that I'm not attacked alive.

    I have also learned never to leave the house without my survival kit. This includes an extra sandwich, snacks, water and band aids. I once had this Mormon client who had 2 years of food in his basement, oh and like 5 years worth of light bulbs because he didn't like the new energy ones (I agree with that one).  Anyway he always said when you need food the most you must have it available, it's life or death. I'm not sure he was talking about a growing 3yr old boy, but he was right. That kid eats A LOT! He's not over weight, just growing at like super human speed. So I have food....lots of it.

      The 6yr old did have another morning issue, this one over a book she wanted to read that her sister got to first. Again zero to 60 in seconds! Crying, whining, stomping. What is this craziness?? We all made our way out of the house, but Chloe was so mad at the world and her sister about this silly book. In return she dragged her backpack on the ground, like she had been lost in the desert weak and thirty for weeks, she pushed her brother out of the way when he got to the car before her and of course the seat belt didn't fasten fast enough causing more tears. My favorite is that both the 4yr old ("I'm almost 5") and the little boy go about there thoughts without missing a beat or even caring that there is a major meltdown happening next to them. These two are who want to sit next to if your on a plane and you have major turbulence. This is how I image a conversation would go if I was on a plane seated next to them and the plane is all over the place.

4-5YR OLD "Do they have snacks on this plane?"
3 yr old "YEAH, I want snacks."
   Total calmness. Luckily, by the time I arrive at her school I have said enough funny things that she leaves  smiling and waving goodbye.

     The rest of us head to my house to walk dogs and bike down the street. I have decided it's best to not go into my house very often as it's clean, but extremely dusty since the maid had to take a more lucrative job as a nanny, However I am confident that she will return.
           Back to the car Griff is hungry (big surprise) as we drive to the next school he eats a sandwich, handing me half chewed crusts, strawberries and a small water. After we drop of his other sister, he has Friday's off, he wants MORE food. He then eats a bagel, again handing me half chewed pieces, and finishes off another water. This is the point where I realize I haven't eaten...IN DAYS!!! I keep trying to think about when my last meal was and it doesn't come to me. I'm too busy making breakfast and doing morning stuff to eat then, I'm driving around like a crazy person most of the day so I don't eat and when dinner comes around I am so tired I just sit and watch them eat. THIS IS THE BEST DIET EVA!!!

      I do pop a half eaten cracker in month when the kids don't want it or snag a strawberry when I'm cutting their fruit, OH and yesterday I remember being so tired after spinning and finding 1 M&M on the seat and eating it. I have no idea how long it have been there, but it was good. Look people this is a marathon, not a sprint and I need all the energy I can get OR find.

     So I had my first Mommy conversation today at the playground as I picked up Rowan from school. As my two youngest played, all the other Mom's came to ask how I was holding up. OKAY, so my sister must have prepared most of our area for her departure because I get asked this by someone, somewhere everyday. Schools, doctors office, a woman at spinning, our little market...alllll over. It's actually very nice. I told them I was doing well, but I was tired yada yada. We discussed if I liked leaving behind my pretty new Mercedes for a big messy mini van (I LOVE IT) that car isn't cool, but it's efficient and with three kids I adore it. We talked about girls vs boys and how different they are. I find the girls very dramatic, calculated and aware. Griff is more mellow and easy to please. There are major differences between them so early in their life that it's pretty easy to see how our environment at an early age shapes us for adulthood. 

    I have friends who only want boys because they think they are easier, more energy, but just easier to understand. They are, but look at men. There is no big mystery there, they are fairly uncomplicated creatures. However, I think girls shouldn't be over looked because they are....well high maintenance. We are multi tasking animals and our brains take in not just the plate of food in front of use, but how was it prepared, what's in it, where did it come from. Lot's of thoughts and questions. When my husband gets off the phone with his Mom in Romania I ask him questions like, "Has she been out with friends?" "Is she feeling okay?" "What did she do today?" and his answer is ALWAYS the same. "I didn't ask." WHAT?? What the hell do you talk about. This is a man thing. His response is always, "If she wants to tell me something she will." What kind of logic is that?? 

       By 1:30 I took the two kids back home to rest. They haven't been home during the day all week and it's beginning to show...they are tired. As I did some work (and I use that word loosely) they played quietly. By 2pm I got my first nurses call that my oldest was not feeling well. We headed out ASAP and found her in the nurses office hysterically crying. She immediately crawled into my lap and snuggled. This was not illness, this was missing Mom and Dad. Oh this is the WORST feeling and I remember this  so well from when I was little. It's one of those homesick like emotions that you never forget. I felt terrible for her. I promised we could call them and reassured her they would be home in just 3 short days...but that sounded long even to me. The other sibling pet her hair and rubbed her back, the love of sisters and brothers is priceless. 

      So it's Friday night baby!! No I'm not going to a cool bar or out with friends. Instead we are picking up my hubby and all going to Shake Shack at 5:30!! Okay, so when you have kids you have to eat like your 80 years old living in Boca. However so does our entire area, so it was filled with kids. I JUST got off the phone with their Mom, my sister when we walked into the shack. So how can I describe how quickly this happened...LIKE LIGHTENING.

     Griff takes off to find a table, but runs into a little boy having what looks like a birthday dinner. Before I can grab him he sees a toy car on their table. This is like seeing gold for him, he grabs it. But wait, as that is happening, Rowan is standing by the food pick up kind of looking around and backs up into a kid with a tray of food. Yeah that didn't last long. The kids drink goes over and Rowan kind of ricochets off the tray and into Chloe, who pushes her away. My husband catches them before more damage is done and I grab Griff and return a toy he is NOT so happy to give up. Luckily I have some in my purse. We order and I seat us in the farthest corner. All good. STRESSSSSS

   Bath night went well and I decided to pile them into my bed to watch cartoons as I head downstairs to work on this blog. I go up every 30 minutes to find one of them asleep and pluck them from the under the covers to put them in their bed. They are so calm and sweet like this. 


     So I have been trying VERY hard to curb my dirty mouth, so instead of my normal "shits and son of bitches" I have been saying dirty darn and poola (that's Romanian and I won't translate) but sometimes a Crap will slip out. 
    Jump to this morning when Chloe was dressing and her skirt was not cooperating, this is what I hear. 
"CRAP, this darn skirt isn't going on." LOL
I ask her not to say Crap because it's not a nice word.

 Enter Rowan "My Katy Perry songs have bad words in them I'm not allowed to say, sooooooo I just whisper them." Giggle giggle and runs off.

These kids crack me up. 

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