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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


      When I travel I love to stay at boutique hotels, lets face it they are made for the interior designer. Each room carefully thought out, every necessary item, but no more, that is needed for the traveler. Everything has a place, a purpose and there is no clutter.

   Then it's time to leave and if you're like me I always end up saying I wish our bedroom was like this. But I always want my guests to feel when they stay with us that they have that kind of room. Jump to me 4 years ago, age 29 buying a house by myself along with 2.5 acres, having two businesses, one dog and going in and out of the city on weekly basis. Decorating my house to my standard was both economically impossible and time not allowable.
     However now I am married, one business sold and actually living in the house I love so much. So it was decided by my husband (also a contractor) that he would rip apart our second floor of two guest rooms and make three. That means I have SO much decorating to do for myself I can't see straight. Today I spent the day in meetings, but made time to stop at the rug store, buy 2 lamps and get a great deal on some vintage fabric. I'm off and running. However every designer needs inspiration so I pulled so fun pictures of guest rooms to get some more ideas. ENJOY!!

This is what I am aiming for as we tackle our master bedroom once we return from Europe. However with 2 dogs I think the white carpet and chairs might be a pipe dream. lol

 some picture sources from house of turquoise blog, restoration hardware, decor pad

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