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Friday, March 9, 2012


           Last night was bath night and although I feel my strengths are in that area, because they are confined to one place, this time was...ummmm harder. Instead of writing a long story about who said what when and and where yada yada yada, I will just say by bedtime I took a swig of their Dymatap because I was too tired to go get wine. I will however include several of the more memorable quotes during last evening.

 1. "Hey, Ty? (me) Griff said he would pee in the tub if I didn't move my leg." My response "Then I would move your leg."

 2. "TY!!! Lily (my dog) is in the tube!!! Help!" laughing and screaming follows. No she's not technically IN the tube, but she's a retriever water is her thing.

 3. Me: "Hey Chloe (6yrs) why don't you get in the tube with Griff and Ro?" (5yr sis). Chloe: "I'm too old to get in a tube with them. I need privacy." Me: "But your running around naked now?" No response. lol

 4. While Chloe was having her bath (I say this with an English accent) Ro got scratched by the cat for taking her to the dog (My dog could care less) anyway crying ensued. I take Ro into the bathroom where Chloe says with a sigh "Um, I'm playing here can she please not cry, it's annoying."  My response "Ro do you feel like you would like to stop crying so Chloe my have her bath in peace?" Ro: A very clear No through tears. You win some you lose some.

 5. Chloe "This isn't how Mom rinses my hair." Me: "Okay, how would you like me to do it?" She tells me and I oblige. Chloe "When it's bedtime you can scratch my back while I read!" WHAT I CAN??? YIPPEE. LOL What I really say "Yeah, that's not going to happen babe."
My sweet babies

    So that was last night. Today began with the 6 year old having a break down over shoes before school, which in return made us almost late. Then the 3 year old taking a spill on his bike before his school, which lead to another attempt from one of the kids at making me deaf in my ear from the screaming. 

     However, it was gorgeous out so I promised the kids I would spring them from school at lunch so we could picnic at the beach. Keep in mind they are all under 6 so I didn't feel I was going to harm their Harvard potential to badly.

    The beach was fabulous and the kids relaxed, played, complained about sand and then made sand know the normal stuff. Next it was on to this enormous maze of a playground that look out on to the water. It's really lovely except that it's huge and add 50 other kids to the mix plus parents and nannies and you get what I can only assume is "Kidnap Panic." I had it instantly! 3 kids all in different directions. I know it's Westport and safe and all that crap, but I don't really think that matters much when kids are on the line. Luckily, my oldest found her school friend and her Mom said she would watch them while I shadowed the other two, who I told very strictly to "STICK TOGETHER." 

    So yesterday was crawling on the floor of the Gap, so it only seems natural that today is climbing all over a jungle gym chasing kids. If I lost site of them for a minute my heart began to race and awful things would pop into my head. I would see them and calm down, but a minute later they were gone again. So I have heard my sister talk about this before. Not in this situation, but about getting up in the middle of the night to check on the kids to make sure they're breathing. It sounds morbid, but I can see it now and it's EXHAUSTING

     Is this women or just Mothers that have this worry gene?? When my husband skateboards ( I know lol) he never wears a helmet. I image him falling and cracking his head open and me holding him screaming for help. He hates it when I think like this, but I'm just being safe. When I travel my house is spotless encase "something" should happen and my family needs to come in and go through me things I want them to say, "Wow, at least she was organized and clean." I KNOW...I'm nuts. By the way Mom I have four different ways you and Cameron can escape your house if a fire was to start in the middle of the night. 

      So I made it 2.5 hours and we all packed into the car safe and sound. I was able to finally breath normally. 

      Jump to 7pm. I have a SITTER. Husband and I had an event in Greenwich that I wanted to attend for networking and PR stuff, plus I love seeing friends and industry people I don't often see. Anyway, this is where I usually shine. I can make my way around a room and have 15 new contacts in no time. I get my picture taken, tell a few jokes and discuss what's going on in design, who's doing what project etc etc.

       Hummm how can I put this....Yeah I had nothing. I sat in one place the entire time, actually I was leaning against this piece of stone so I wouldn't fall down, but then sleep seemed like a possibilityPrada's) see I'm not well. To bed with me. 

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  1. Good stuff!!!
    As I was reading the part about the exit routes in case of a fire at moms house...I said to my wife.."Oh my God, I have 4 exit routes for that house too!!"
    1. In moms bedroom (2nd floor)... the window right next to her bed...moms side, not dads.

    2. Your room (3rd floor)...although you would have to be anorexic to fit through the window...but it's above the den...hmmm, but it's a pretty steep angle, or my room, the window behind the bedroom door.
    ok...rethinking my exit routes...
    3. Raleigh's room (2nd floor) front window
    4. Cammies room (2nd floor) side window
    but now it's all different I'm sure with the addition...okay...FAIL! Oh well, I used to have escape routes planned!


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