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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mrs. Mom DAY 2!!! "Where did he go?"

I am not yet rounding the half way point as day two of playing Mrs. Mom is in full swing. I can honestly say that this is one of the most exhausting things I have ever had to do and it's true when people say it's a thankless job. Being someone who thrives in the spotlight and gets mad at myself when either my work or me isn't getting published somewhere, this is the one job where I feel like a PR agent is needed to say "HEY LOOK AT WHAT SHE'S DOING TODAY." SHE CAN BE IN 3 PLACES AT ONCE." I know it sounds vein, but hell I was an actress for my early twenties...I like the lights pointed in my direction.

     So the days have being going well, keeping in mind I have to run back to my own house to help with the chickens, cleaning, dogs and of course to see my husband who I miss desperately. Although it's kinda fun to be sleeping in different houses and talking to each other late into the night.

        The kids are very scheduled and as long as I stick to my syllabus for the most part I am fine. There are however "extra point double dares" that are thrown into my days to make them a bit more challenging, but I'm sure it's a good plot twist for the audience in my mind that is grading me. Like the 3 year old who I took to the doctor when his cough seemed to get worse. I only had 20 minutes to get in and out before the next kid needed to be dropped at school. Mission accomplished! Granted the whole "Here you get a lollipop" from a doctor at 9 in the morning had me a bit baffled, but whateva it's not my kid.


           Then there was a trip to the Gap to replace a pair of ripped tights that caused, how can I explain it..., well you know that scene in Terms of Endearment when the Mom is screaming "Give My Daughter the Shot." and she's jumping up and down?? Well that was the 6 year old when her tights got a run after school yesterday. I still have hearing damage in the right ear. Anyway, after the doctor and after dropping the 5 year old off, the little one and I decided to get his sister a new pair. I SWEAR I asked the woman where the tights for kids were and she pointed, I turned and boy was gone. CRAP!

        So, MacGyver is like my hero...he makes a car start with gum and can break out of a bank vault with a bobby pin and never panics. So he kinda taught me that panicking is overrated. Plus I was on the 3rd floor of a Gap, he was close I knew. As the lady showed me the tights I heard a small cry. After circling this display table and not seeing him, BUT knowing he was in there, I got onto my hands and knees. OKAY, this is a good time to picture ME a person who doesn't have kids, often sits at gorgeous tables for meetings, sips champagne, and has a pretty darn nice wardrobe, crawling on a dirty floor, under piles of folded clothes in yoga pants (3rd day wearing them) looking for this darn kid. Well he found the smallest cubby hole crawled in, hit his head and lay there curled up half crying. Somehow I pulled him out, rocked him for the minute it took him to stop crying before he was off to find the next thing to get into. TIGHTS, PAID, LEAVING.

     The days although tiring are nothing to that 5 o'clock witching hour. I have no idea what happens to these kids, but it goes down hill at a rapid pace. Fighting ensues over play dough color and who sat where days ago and how it makes a difference now. One wants dinner NOW, one wants dessert, the other doesn't want dessert, but does want dinner but not the potato's or the meat part. I have to make sure everything goes on the right plates or I get a lecture about cars vs flowers on plates. I remember having a conversation with my husband just a few days ago (although it seems like a life time) about the future earning potential of Apple stock and now I am in a mental debate with the the 6 year old (type A like me :) ) over why she is allowed to be on the computer more than the other kids (this isn't true) but her argument makes sense and I spend time thinking about what to say so I sound right. Hummm.

     When bedtime arrives I am unable to put full sentences together. I think about whether working your way up from one to three kids is easier and I am sure it is, but the results will be the same. I have GREAT fears of these results; being tired all the time, having no time for my life, work and goals, watching my relationship become only about the children and slowly losing why we were together in the first place and being finacial strained are only some of my worries. I am not alone in these thoughts I know, but they are very real to me. I love my life as it is. Do I feel like I missing out not having kids? I admit I do sometimes. I'm still young and..... oh wait the littlest one just climbed into my lap and wants me to stop typing. lol

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