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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's in the Attic??

If you lived in our 1805 farm house our attic would be where you would not journey without a flashlight, hard hat, sneakers and maybe a ouija board. The flashlight would be to see since the one light bulb never works and honestly its too far back for me to want to try (I'm not looking for girl scout badge) the hard hat is to protect your head from the millions of nails that stick down from the roofing (I have nightmares about this) the sneakers are so you can climb up a ladder and the ouija board is so you can ask the spirits if you will make it back out of there safely.
        I dream of turning it into something useful and have even suggested a few options to my husband, who even as a contractor says ummm no. But I won't give up and there is plenty of time to change his mind, so until that day comes here are some lovely attic rooms to inspire those of you who are ready to work on that forgotten room in your house. 


  1. An attic space is one of my most favorites with all of the wonderful lines...the second image is amazing!!


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