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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New York Fashion Week

    It's hard to feel sorry for a 6' 2"tall, 120 lb, blond haired beauty crying on the sidewalk of Manhattan, but every year without fail in February there are many of them. It's like they have been sprinkled around NYC like an art installation. But then I remember it's New York Fashion Week and these tall fragile souls are not crying because they are hungry, but because they are unemployed and desperate to get onto the Mercedes Benz runway.
     I have a similar problem...I am not trying to get onto the runway ( heavens no) I am trying to get into the audience to cover the shows for all of my readers. I have tried many avenues; tried to pull those "strings", even called an old "friend"(giggle giggle) No Luck.  
        So I thought covering the fashions outside of the tents can almost always be as fun as covering whats going on inside. Okay maybe not, but I'm no Anna Wintour damn it! So here is a look at what will be happening inside and out.


The Face Board

Love this street fashion from Elle St chic. I swear my Mom had a skirt just like this when I was growing up. 

The designer people will be watching this year is Halston. After many years spent in the shadows Halston recently acquired Ben Malka, former CEO of BCBG. Malka relocated Halston to LA and has spent much of his time reassembling his team of designers and directors. They will be skipping the runways this season, but showing the Heritage Collection for stores instead off the runway. Lets see if Barney's will be blooming Halston this Fall. FYI- They will be showing at Fashion Week in the Fall.

Street style photographer Karl-Edwin Guerre 

My Designer of the day ZANG TOI 
I adore this designer and have since I saw him as "upcoming designer" via Mrs Wintour several years ago.  How he drapes his fabrics and his use of texture is unmatchable. He is Asian and although it might not seem like that come through, I do feel there is a very organic look to all of his pieces and his heritage come through that.

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