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Saturday, February 18, 2012


When people ask me where I want to go that I haven't been before I always say Sweden. This is a country that most people in America associate with IKEA. However Sweden has lead the environmental design movement for many years. Their use of reusable resources and low environmental impact interior design started an evolution that has carried across the globe. When it comes to green living they are considered the pioneers and continue to be years ahead of many countries, including the US, in building an environment that is both earth friendly and eye pleasing.
   Along with these accomplishments they also have an interior design style that is synonymous with Sweden. Simple lines, muted pallets and little fuss. The interior designers are sought after from clients around the world just for that "Swedish look" Although it seems like it could be easily replicated, there is something about the way Swedes live day to day and how they grew up that gives them just enough knowledge to make their look just theirs. I am a fan! 
This is an apartment in Goteborg Sweden, it's 2nd largest city I believe. The interiors are by Alvhem Brokerage and Interiors. This is a totally different way to do interiors because not only are they designers, but also real estate agents that sell in a very specific part of town and specialize in rebuilding old structures. This apartment is small, but perfect and Swedish in all aspects. ENJOY.

This kitchen is IKEA

Notice the shower moves to give more room in the bathroom. 



  1. I adore the warm, relaxed feel of this design and the artwork in the first image...fabulous!!

  2. Awesome design. I like the kitchen very much. Optimum use of space.

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