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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



To say I am happy to have the mild winter that we have had this year in an understatement. Compared to the piles of snow we had last year, New England has been completely ignored by the snow Gods this year and I will drink to that. However there have been a few yucky days and today is one of them. Snow was predicted, but instead we are getting freezing rain. Since we have had very few of these days I am totally loving it and have decided to spend the day inside cooking, reading and maybe some work (probably not)   

    The Romanian aka the hubby is sick sick sick and all those wives out there will feel worse for me than for him grrrr. However he has made us a lovely fire and I have just finished the homemade chicken soup and Romanian apple bread cake. Yum
    So I thought fireplaces would be an appropriate subject for today. I have never lived in an apartment in NYC that didn't have a fireplace. They didn't always work, but I filled them with candles and tada...magical. Enjoy!!


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