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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When I think of Spain I think of colorful people, flamenco dancers, wine, gorgeous green olives, cobble stone streets, squares filled with cafe tables...among other things. I haven't been to Spain in years and I must go back now that I am an adult...well kinda. 
          I went to college with a girl from Madrid who became a dear friend and always says "please come visit." Why I haven't jumped onto a plane I am not sure.  I was in high school when I went and although it was a memorable trip, I feel that I didn't fully appreciate the history that I was standing in the middle of. Touring a different town or city every other day made me appreciate what I was seeing as a tourist, not as a resident and the difference is vast. I have now learned to travel differently. I rarely stay in hotels opting instead for rented apartments where I must buy my own groceries, visit local farm markets and meet the neighbors. Instead of "town hoping" I spend a week or more in the same area really learning my streets, local transportation and when lucky meeting new friends. This way of traveling has benefited me greatly. Now when I visit Paris I know so much, have my favorite cafes, pastry shops and bars, yet totally feel ready to explore new parts of the city that I haven't had to to see. I would love to do this with so many areas, but I think Madrid is in the top 3.
  This apartment actually belongs to a New York couple who works together, but began a business in Madrid and decided a hotel was just not going to cut it. Instead they found a fabulous apartment that would become their home away from home...for business, but really for enjoying a life away from what they are used to. Their use of color and "fun" in this space is not only a reflection of who they are, but also WHERE they are. Enjoy! 

apartment from micasavista

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