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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Thailand is one of those wonderful and mysterious countries that is on my bucket list to visit. Thailand is filled with mysticism, culture and history. One of the biggest tourist destination in Asia, depending on what part of the country you visit you will encounter jungles, blue oceans, mountains, accent ruins and exquisite food. Who wouldn't want to visit here??

However I am on a different kind of journey as I begin to research countries I have never been to. At some point in the near future, The Romanian and I would like to move to another country for a year for more. Where we want to go is still very much undecided, but I thought what a great way to research and learn while sharing with all of you. Although Thailand was not really on the radar I found this house for sale and thought "Umm yes, I could live here." THEN I saw the 14 million dollar price tag. So another thing I learned about Thailand... It obviously has a "well to do" crowd (at least in some parts) Enjoy this little pad.

all pictures Sothebys International 

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