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Saturday, December 3, 2011


These are cool... literally. The little X's are trivets  to keep your hot pans off the table but are nice enough to serve off of. LOVE.
Find @ Switch Modern

These gave me a laugh. I have no idea who needs these, but I would totally use them.
Find @ Amazon

I adore this little XMAS ornament. My Mom once gave her girls a box full of gorgeous ornaments to help begin our own collection. It's still one of my favorite gifts and of course I use them every year.
Find @ Papyrus 

Another clutch for all those fabulous nights out.
Find @ Anthropologie

For the person who has everything. Well then of course they need an Etch O Sketch with "10,000 dazzling, handset sapphire Swarovski crystals"  I am not adding prices to my gift guide, but this one just threw me for a loop. $1500. So then that begged the question "who is going to buy this?" I called FAO and the nice woman on the line said "We've sold tons of these, their great!" WHAT?? Well this is for you big spenders out there.
Find @ FAO

Who does not love themselves a wee bit of decoupage? John Derian does. He has made his fortune by bringing this lost art back to life. I adore decoupage and even have a few plates my Mom made as a child. These make great gifts.
Find @ John Derian

It's NOT  a rug it's a TOWEL. How cool would you be with this little number at the beach next summer.
Find @ Neiman Marcus

Find @   Graf & Lantz or Neiman Marcus

Find @ Kendra Scott

For the man in your life who likes to drive way to fast. This is an experience where you drive shotgun with professional race car driver going over 160 mph. A wonderful and quick rush.
Find @ xperiencedays (they also offer numerous other adventures)

If you don't have a piece of Longchamp in you luggage collection you must! I have two totes and they have been with me for over 7 years and have never failed. Plus they come in tons of fun colors.
Find @ Longchamp

Handmade wool scarf with hood. Gorgeous!

OH Mr. Kors how I love thee.
Find @ Piperline or Michael Kors

BLING for your phone?
Find @ Blythaholic ETSY

What's Christmas without a sweater. I adore this little number.
Find @ Ralph Lauren

This came out last year, but it was such a fun toy for adults and kids alike I wanted to include it.
Find @ Staples or Brookstone

Okay, come on this is awesome!
Find @ UncommonGoods

Frida Kahlo Her Photos
Find @ Amazon

Not an Iphone carrier myself, but thought this was fun.
Find @

To me there really is no better gift. For budding art collectors I always tell clients that photography is sometimes a good way to start. It's tends to be less expensive then paintings, but no less dramatic or wonderful. This is Bonnie Edelman, an artist The Summer House hosted several years ago and with great success. This is one of my favorites.
Find @ 

OH Good Lord, if you haven't had these ridiculously delicious croissants you are totally missing out. They come frozen, but take out what you want to eat the night before and next morning bake them and I swear you will think you in France. They are a little pricey, but who cares they are worth it. These are a great gift to send to people because they can use them over the holidays. SOOO WORTH IT!
Find @

Monica Rich Kosann designs these gorgeous, yet delicate lockets perfect for keeping your loved ones close to your heart. Her photo frames are designed after antique Italian cigarette cases...they are stunning. Besides the fact that she is a friend, since I worked on her house, she's also wonderful and talented woman. These pieces are for the true collector of everything fabulous.
Find @ OR Neiman Marcus

For your personalized fanatics out there...and you know who you are Felix Doolittle has  what your looking for.
Personalized cards, recipe cards, return labels etc etc all with fabulous hand painted pictures to fit your style. These make great stocking stuffers too!
Find @

WHAT?? You hate to sweep? Well not after putting your hands on this hand crafted number. Justamere Farm
hand makes these the old fashion way. AAAAAND of course The Romanian broke into a story about the old country and
how their brooms worked better than "ours" because they are handmade. WELL here we go. They make a cool and unique gift.
Find @ Justmere Tree Farm

Twister Trax 253pc Glow in the Dark Flexible Track w/2 Cars

I found these one day when I was channel surfing and landed on QVC. First they come with 2 cars, an awesome glow in the dark track you can manipulate into different shapes and the cars run FAST on the track. I scooped this up for my nephew. 
These SUPER hard to find Metallic and Pewter Boa Snake HUNTER Rain boots  take this to DIVA level and I adore.
Find @ Nordstroms


The best gift is giving to those in need. Heifer International is an amazing organization who's mission is simple "End Hunger and Poverty on Earth"
There are many way to help, but one of my favorite is to buy an animal or help buy an animal for a village. You can read about how those animals will contribute to making their community that much better. Plus you will feel awesome helping out. I have given ducks and a goat before. I am thinking pig this year...oink oink.
find @

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