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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Ideas-

Everyone thinks their wedding was the best, as they should! I am no exception. One of the reasons The Romanian (my hubby) and I loved our wedding so much was because it was intimate, held at our little farm house and everyone involved were friends or family. I of course had a vision that came from travels, movies I saw, food we ate. Loved this day!!

Our kids-Roni (lab and Bestman) Lily (Golden and Maid of Honor) 
Yes we owned this and no we are no rednecks, this came from a bathroom we remodeled. Because I love everything original I refused to part with it. AND now it's holder of Veuve for parties.

There are so many cake toppers now-my aunt was horrified I used this, but I thought it was so us. Make your day about you both

I love this shot

This is my veggie garden that was harvested and prepped for the dinner-we were married in early Oct.

All flower arrangements were done by my Mom-garden club member


The cedar candle holders were cut by hubby, all the wonderful antique milk glass vases were borrowed from friend and fellow blogger

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