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Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Light is for the Birds!!

     Many months ago I began this annoying whine to The Romanian begging him for a miniature pony. I grew up with horses so I figured a small one would be no big deal. My Mom immediately said NO! Needless to say I haven't lived at home for many years and she had no say.  However Christmas came and went and there was no pony under the tree nor in the field. So after a few sad laps around the house The Romanian suggested chickens!! His thought I would be against that so much I would drop the pony thing, but I loved the idea. Once the snow FINALLY melted and humans and dogs alike ventured back into nature we began plotting the chicken area. We decided on a large area in the back garden next to the existing veggie garden. The Romanian build a gorgeous coop, the likes you would see in Nantucket, we got our hens and one rooster and there began our farm. I call myself a Sunday farmer and  I love to take care of the chickens. Although, I have to say there are days when I get home from a client and I'm wearing Prada shoes and a Max Mara outfit feeding them and cleaning the coop. It's becomes a little to much like a bad reality show. Ahh Green Acres....

My girls waiting for treats

My little nantucket coop-the door was found in the eves of our barn. Lucky to have a talented hubby.

By Nogg Modern Coops

le petite Palais Des Poulets-AKA Martha Stewarts chicken house

Rooms & Garden Retail store
I would live here

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