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Friday, January 13, 2012


What will your man be wearing next Fall?? Have you ever returned from Italy and said "they do it better!" It's because they do! Please take off your Vineyard Vine pineapple tie, that I am sorry to say makes EVERY man look like they are 12, and take some of these treads to run with in 2012.

What's on the runway is always "bananas" BUT what's outside is NOW and so I have included tons of candids from Tommy Ton.


This is my only picture from Pitti Spring 2011, BUT come on. This is so fabulous, two townies watching the action, but effortlessly put together. Adore.

I was at a party not to long ago and someone had a very colorful handkerchief in his lapel and he looked amazing. The Armani suit didn't hurt either, but it was a great touch.

I think this is Ralph Lauren...hummm


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