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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's been almost 3 months exactly since I handed over the reins of my store, my baby, to the new owners Margaret and Megan. When I was in the middle of the sale it seemed like it was going on and on and getting away from lawyers and contracts couldn't have come soon enough. But then the day finally came when I closed down the computer for the last time, turned off the lights for the final night and all the memories that came with starting, building and growing a store for the last 6 years began to sweep over me.
    As a store owner you sacrifice A LOT of yourself and your personal life to run a successful business. You spend nights, literally all night, awake in bed worrying about money, inventory, clients and the list goes on and on, but in the morning you get up and head back to that store because it's yours and like a child it depend on you to feed it and love it and you do, until you don't have to because it's no longer yours.
    The weeks after I sold the store I did things I hadn't done ever really, I relaxed! I hung out in bed, I cleaned the house daily, I made elaborate meals, I worked out mid morning followed by coffee with my sister, I shopped, I played secretary for my husbands business. Basically I did what my clients do, it's not a bad life for a short while. However what was hard after those few "vacation" weeks, was not getting up  to find my most stylish outfit for the day and heading to work. Now I was working out and then heading to my home office to work... Adjustment !! It took a lot of adjustment for the whole family actually and one we are still working out the kinks, but it's getting easier.
 As for the store it also went through an adjustment period. The "girls" aka Margaret and Megan had one of the hardest jobs, taking a successful store with an out spoken and camera ready owner and making it their own. The one thing I said to them from the beginning was "make it your own" and they did! They changed the store logo and colors almost right away...THEY LOOK AWESOME. Slowly, Margaret got more confident with inventory and Megan found a hidden talent for display. I have been into the store numerous numerous times since they took over, but last week really grabbed me and for the first time I thought "They got it." I have been proud of them from the beginning for both their tenacity and love of The Summer House, but I was really blown away when I walked in and honestly felt they had made their mark.  It seemed fresh, chic and fabulous. So this blog is dedicated to the girls who I adore and their amazing style. Enjoy!!!
White feather Christmas Tree- I just had a client get this tree in Hot Pink for her kids play room. However, this soft white would be gorgeous in a dining room or foyer. LOVE.

Olivina- I am a believer after trying the FIG. The Romanian likes it!! That saying a lot.

These fabulous leather chairs with kilim ottomans are so perfect for a library or the ski house.  FYI- the chairs are SO SO  Comfy.

Love the teal woven floor pillows. I was actually with them when they got these from market. Every house should have at least 2 floor pillows. Around the tree is a silver grey sheep skin throw rug..purrrrrr.

They just got these amazing soy candles  made from plants and flowers native to Australia.  

Owner Megan and Margaret, Tyler Taylor (in her sweats :( and Kathleen TSH manager 

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